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MASH has a proven model to recruit high level candidates that provide excellent quality care focusing on person centered practices in a variety of settings ranging from Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Waiver for adults and children with intellectual disabilities as well as hospital settings. Our committed and well-trained employees all who are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards enables MASH to stand out from other recruitment agencies.

Benefits to the Agency:

  • Quality talent

  • Cutting-edge strategies: Precision sourcing and recruitment tailored to your needs and geographies ensure access to first-choice candidates

  • Clinical expertise: A dedicated team with deep clinical expertise uses a quality of hire strategy, delivering candidates who contribute faster and stay longer

  • Cost-savings: A team-based approach that leverages operational scale and sourcing technology to reduce contract labor, direct hire fees and overtime spend

  • Risk mitigation: Industry and regulatory expertise and technological efficiency help you avoid cost of vacancies, bad hires, and lost candidates

  • Workforce strategy: best practices and transparent metrics provide insight and data needed to establish efficiencies and optimize your talent acquisition process


Our Mission at MASH is to provide healthcare agencies with knowledgeable, compassionate specialists who consistently deliver exceptional care in a prompt, professional manner with a high level of focus on the consumer wellbeing.


Making a Difference- MASH thrives on putting people first to serve the needs of our consumers, our dedicated employees, and teams as well as the companies we support. MASH makes a difference in the everyday lives of people by providing a high level of communication with transparency, treating all people with respect and dignity, providing a person-centered environment, and ensuring that needs are met. MASH makes a difference one person at a time, by providing individualized and person-centered care.

Quality- MASH focuses on consumer needs and ensuring consistency while delivering services in measurable ways to ensure an ongoing high quality of care and supports. To sustain a high-quality program, we systematically provide quality assurance checks to improve our processes, measure our performance, teach ongoing best practices, and continually innovate in all facets of our company.

Efficient-MASH can adapt, respond effectively and efficiently within an ever-changing environment of opportunities and risks. MASH accomplishes this utilizing a strategic vision and utilization of values to guide all our efforts. MASH successfully empowers people, develops strong team environments, and provide timely supports and services utilizing an absence of bureaucracy.


Ethics and Integrity- MASH adheres to the highest standard of ethics, integrity as well as professionalism through honesty, transparency, compliance with all laws and regulations and holding ourselves accountable for all our actions.

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